YOUR Vote Counts

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  • August 14 - VOTE-BY-MAIL. Governor Murphy announced that the November General Election will be “vote-by-mail”.
  • October 5 - POSTAGE-PAID BALLOTS. The Essex County Clerk will mail a postage-paid ballot to all registered voters by October 5.
  • October 13 - VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE. To register new voters, to change name and/or address of existing voter, or to update signatures, a voter registration form must be received by the Essex County Clerk by October 13.  This form may be completed online but then it must be printed out and a hard copy mailed to the County Clerk ( Alternatively, for people who do not have a printer, hard copies of the form are available from the LWVM by contacting Susan Mack - or Carmel Loughman -
  • November 3 - Election Day. Voters will be able to return the vote-by-mail ballot by prepaid mail, or by depositing it in a secure drop box, or by handing it directly to a poll worker at a polling place on Election Day.