A House Divided Sermon August 14, 2016

August 14th 2016, Luke 12:49-56

Reverend Melissa Hall, St James’ Episcopal Church

A House Divided

It has been said that a house divided cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln wrote that as he prophesied on the devastating outcome of a civil war in this country over the issue of slavery.  Lincoln knew that a house divided turns in on itself and destroys the essence of its very being. 

             Abraham Lincoln was the quintessential statesmen, a loving Christian and an astute and ethical politician.  I miss that type of politician.

“What is Your Name?” A sermon preached after the Orlando Massacre

The Rev. C. Melissa Hall, Rector

June 19, 2016
​Saint James
The Reverend C. Melissa Hall. Rector
Luke 8:26 Post Orlando Florida

“What Is Your Name?”

Last Sunday, while we sat and prayed in this sanctuary listening to the beauty of the choir voices and the organ,  a 1000 miles south of here in Orlando, Florida, there was music of another sort filling the air. It was at the site of yet another national devastation.

Confirmation Sermon

CJ, Emily, Greg, Gabby, Kaitlin, & Liam

This past Sunday morning, the teens from our confirmation class did something unusual. They led the service for us: their community of family, friends, and mentors  - as a way to express their gratitude for what you have done to make St James Church their home and to understand that they are no longer children.

Youth Sermon upon return from Appalachia

Day One; Monday, June 30, 2014

May God’s words alone be spoken, may God’s words alone be heard.

Please open your hearts to hear the words of your youth as they reflect on their mission trip . Amen

Sermon: Rachael and Grant, graduating high school seniors

Senior Sermon- Rachael Brown

I have attended St. James since I was 2 years old. At first I was attracted to the food at coffee hour, because who doesn't love (free) food? Then I fell in love with the people and how welcoming and kind they are. Once I figured out what acolyting was I was eager to participate and when I was finally old enough to do it I was overjoyed. Since then I have learned so much more about what goes into running the church and how hard everyone works within it, and thanks to everyone here this church is amazing.


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