Life as a St. James Community and Beyond!

One of the many joys of being a part of St. James’ is the wonderful ability to be a vital part of our very active, loving, and supportive community. Each one of us pursues our own individual Faith Journey and seeks to live daily in our Christian faith. That journey is truly enriched by being a part of a community that welcomes everyone without question or judgment; that is looking only to provide a comforting and supportive spiritual home; and that provides the freedom to grow.

We look to go beyond our core mission of regular Worship and Prayer by sharing in the community together in engaging and meaningful ways. We work to offer guidance and provide opportunities for growth for our young people, to provide support for newly married couples and young families, and to ensure that everyone has opportunity and encouragement to participate fully in the life of the Parish.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour, a time to connect socially with all of St. James’, is a weekly gathering following the 10:15 service. Members of the community provide coffee, juice, and assorted pastries, and we gather together in the Parish Hall to talk, laugh, and share stories. Coffee Hour is one of the easiest ways to get to know the people of St. James’ better!


The Christian holidays are always a happy and holy time at St. James’ punctuated with Holy Day services, special children’s pageants and re-enactments, and especially festive coffee hours. In addition, St. James’ has two yearly traditional events that make the holidays a wonderful time to socialize within our community - The Messiah Sing in early December and the Children's Christmas Pageant. The Hanging of the Greens is an annual gathering at the beginning of Advent when community members decorate the sanctuary for the season, sing carols, and enjoy a meal together.  Each of these events provides us with an opportunity to have fun and get to know other members of the community in an enjoyable, casual setting.