Wednesday Soup and Study

Starting March 8th- 6:30-8:30 p.m. Soup and Study During five Wednesdays in Lent the evening begins with soup and social time, then we will be exploring issues and questions that challenge us as a people of God. Click on the picture for more information,

 Utilizing scriptural stories as the basis of our talking points, we will open the door to discussions about diverse traditional and nontraditional concepts. Topics explored will include; temptation, sinning and transformation, the forgiveness trap , the trustworthiness of God, the healing power of prayer versus Late Night TV, finding God in the tragic, what would the bible say if women had written it, Jesus as he would be today, and does atheism have a point? Our discussions will supported by writings from theologians, politicians, novelists, film makers, artists , business titans and political cartoonists. The reading list will include excerpts from; Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Ann Lamott and C.S. Lewis, Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, Gary Trudeau, Warren Buffet, Mikail Baryshnikov , Walt Disney, Julian of Norwich, Saint Augustine, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, and The Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, just to