The Choir of Men and Women

The Choir of Men and Women under the direction of Sean Price will begin their rehearsal Thurs. Sept 11 at 7:30 p.m. The choir performs weekly at the Choral Holy Eucharist in the church at the 10:15 service and other special events.  Read more
youth group

Youth Mission trip to Appalachia

The youth group from St. James along with Rev. Melissa, Rev. Audrey and 2 adult chaperones went to Blue Knob Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains to serve families in need. Read more

For Children- Why I attend St. James

"My early interests were in ensuring that my children had a solid foundation in faith and personal discovery. Today, I have a better sense of myself because of worship, adult education, and the leadership positions I have held."- Dave Read more
Photo of Carla

Outreach- Why I attend St. James

"Being a part of St. James’ is the first time I have felt I am really a part of a congregation, and look upon those I have met as extended family. There are so many opportunities to be involved through outreach activities, and to make a difference locally and globally."- Carla Read more
Photo of Lyenda

Fellowship - Why I attend St. James

"For my family, St James’ is much more than a place where we worship. The people of St James’ are an extension of our family. Over the years we have found our faith re-affirmed, enjoyed fellowship and fun times but also, importantly, received caring and assistance when we needed it."- Lyenda Read more
Photo of Sam

Spirituality- Why I attend St. James

"Saint James has been my home for 40 years, through Baptisms, Weddings, through highs and lows. It is a source of quiet worship, loving care and nurture, and great friends." Sam Read more