"Monuments Man" Coming to St. James!

WHO: Harry Etltlinger, World War II Veteran & advisor to the movie "Moneuments Men" WHEN: Sunday October 25th at 9:15 a.m. WHERE: Parish Hall.  ALL ARE WELCOME Read more

Pilgrims and Prophets in West Virginia

For many people, the word “pilgrimage” evokes contemplative journeys to exotic holy places, such as Jerusalem or the Taize community in France. But pilgrimages also can be educational journeys, and the “holy” can be found wherever we look to see God’s presence in the world. Last May, I joined 14 other seminarians on a cross-cultural trip to West Virginia as part of a class studying art, energy, education and religion in Appalachia. This was not a mission trip, but rather an educational ministry trip: We went to learn about another culture, listen to the stories of the people we encountered and discover their ministries. It was a different kind of pilgrimage. Read more

Energy Audit

On Tuesday, Doug Gehlbach, Energy auditor for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, met with Jim Thomas to review the results of the energy audit which took place at St. James two weeks ago.  Read more

Welcome, Newcomers!

St. James is pleased to welcome nine newcomers to the congregation. We held a festive and delicious brunch in their honor at our rectory this past Sunday, March 8th.  Read more

A Pilgrim’s Journey on the Camino de Santiago

What does God call us to do?  A pilgrimage, by design, is supposed to take us out of our comfort zone. So why would a large group of people choose to spend their vacation on a rigorous journey across Northern Spain?  Click on the picture to read more. Read more

Service for the Eve of the Nativity music starting at 10 p.m. Dec. 24

Please join us for our Christmas Eve service preceeded by a Musical Prelude presented by the Director of Music, Sean Price. The music starts at 10 p.m. followed by a Choral Holy Eucharist at 10:30 p.m. All are welcome, Read more

Bishop Carlye Hughes - "Invite Someone!"

As we move into 2019, think about the power of "invitation"  Please click on this link to hear Bishop Carlye's message to us - "Invite Someone!"       Read more

Bishop Carlye's Christmas message

Please click on the picture of Bishop Carlye to read her Christmas message to the diocese. Read more

The Sky's the Limit Thrift Store

    Please click here to learn more about our thrift shop and read "Reflections from the Inside" by several of the young adults who work in the shop.                                                               Read more

Diocesan Bishop-elect, Carlye Hughes preaches at General Convention (Integrity Service)

Integrity USA, the unoffical LGBT caucus within the Episcopal Church, held a service at this year's General Convention in Austin, TX.  The evening's sermon was delivered by the Rev. Carlye J. Hughes, Bishop-elect of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and current rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, TX.  Rev. Carlye's sermon can be heard by clicking here.  The sermon begins at 41:54. Read more